The Composition of the Tribunal

The composition of the Tribunal is made up of a Chairperson, two Vice-Chairperson one of whom is from Tanzania Zanzibar, and four members. The quorum in any meeting is made up of the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson sitting with two members.

The Tribunal has a Registrar who handles all administrative matters of the Tribunal. The Registrar receives and registers appeals and applications. The Registrar also does taxation of bills of costs.

Missing of the appeal time

If one misses the deadline to appeal to the Tribunal within the stipulated time, may apply to the Tribunal for an extension of time within which to file an appeal. However, the Tribunal may extend the time if it is satisfied that the failure by a party to give notice of appeal, lodge an appeal, or to effect service to the opposite party was occasioned by absence from the United Republic, sickness, or other reasonable cause.

Procedure to follow after the decision of the Tribunal

After the case is determined by TRAT and a party is dissatisfied with a decision of the Tribunal he may appeal to the Court of Appeal of Tanzania being the last appellate court in the court system of our country, within fourteen days from the date the decision of the Tribunal was delivered. The appellant shall pay Tshs. 8,000/= being a fee for a notice of intention to appeal.